About us

our pastor:

      We are thankful that you have visited our webpage and desire to learn more about us. Here at Dorr Baptist Church we believe that there are three vital steps to growing in our Christian walk. These core aspects of the Christian life are taught and executed here in our ministries. 


     The first step is to connect. It’s all about Jesus. Every aspect of ministry at Dorr Baptist Church points to Him, our Friend and Savior. Through worship, preaching, teaching, children’s ministries, youth outreach, adult programs and social activities, we pray you will develop a lifelong relationship with Jesus. 


Travis Huseby

Lead Pastor

E-mail: travisyp@gmail.com

     The second step is to serve. We desire to follow Jesus in all things. The best way for us to serve Him is by serving His people and serving His church. Here we are united in our efforts to serve another as a congregation of fellow believers. It is our hope to make an impact on our community with the power of the Gospel. 


     The final step is to grow our faith through the active living out of scriptures and studying of God’s Word. God’s will for our life is revealed as we read, meditate, and apply the scriptures. We believe by following these three principles we may continue to see growth and experience victory through Christ. 

"You will recognize them by their fruits."

Matthew 7:16